File Name Details Modified At Download
BCC CA Client This installer is required for certificate generation. 26-Jun-2019 03:10 PM Download
PDF Signer Using this software you can easily sign any pdf document. 29-Oct-2019 04:37 PM Download
Police Support To resolve BCC CA Client and LSS Problem 31-Aug-2021 02:52 PM Download
Police Training Materials All necessary tools and manuals for online police clearance. 28-Dec-2021 06:04 PM Download
File Name Details Modified At Download
eSign Guideline e-Sign is an easy to use online digital signature service that can be integrated with service delivery applications via an API to facilitate users to digitally sign a document instantaneously 28-Apr-2022 11:53 AM Download
Digital Certificate Interoperability Guideline Digital Signature Certificate Interoperability Guideline 28-Apr-2022 11:55 AM Download
Time Stamping Guidelines A timestamp is a sequence of characters or encoded information identifying when a certain event occurred, usually giving date and time of day, sometimes accurate to a small fraction of a second. 28-Apr-2022 11:57 AM Download
ICT ACT 2006 ICT act 2006 28-Apr-2022 11:59 AM Download
ICT ACT 2006 (amendment 2013) ICT ACT 2006 amendment 2013 28-Apr-2022 12:02 PM Download
ICT ACT 2006 (amendment 2009) Amendment 2009 28-Apr-2022 12:03 PM Download
File Name Details Modified At Download
BCC-CPS-V1.0.2 23-Sep-2018 04:32 PM Download
Interoperatibility Guide line 2016 Interoperatibility Guide line 2016 14-Oct-2018 05:07 PM Download
Management Assertion of BCC CA Management Assertion of BCC CA 23-Sep-2018 04:33 PM Download
Enrollment Form CA Individual enrollment form-ca-individual 14-Oct-2018 05:09 PM Download
Enrollment Form CA Organization enrollment form-ca-organization 14-Oct-2018 05:09 PM Download
BCC CA CPS This is the version-1 of BCC-CA CPS 28-Apr-2019 03:30 PM Download
BCC-CA-CPS- V1.0.4 This is the version-1.0.4 of BCC-CA CPS 19-Jul-2020 12:46 PM Download
BCC-CA-CPS- V1.0.3 This is the version-1.0.3 of BCC-CA CPS 15-Sep-2020 05:09 PM Download
ToR(Terms of reference) of eKYC System for BCC e-Sign Service. Terms of Reference (ToR)
for Development of eKYC System for BCC e-Sign Service
01-Feb-2022 11:13 AM Download
Certifying Authority License Certifying Authority License Of Bangladesh Computer Council 24-Jun-2021 04:59 PM Download
BCC CA Certificate Fees This price list is approved by Director, BCC-CA Operation and Security 12-Jan-2022 12:12 PM Download
Subscriber Application Form This form is used to apply for a Digital Signature Certificate. 12-Dec-2021 04:25 PM Download
Bank Account Information for Fee BCC-CA Bank Account Information:
Account Name : Bangladesh Computer Council-CA
Account Number : 002011100005675
Bank: Southeast Bank Limited
Branch: Agargaon, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka
15-Feb-2022 06:39 PM Download
Class 2 SSL Client Manual SSL Client manual with Windows Keystore. 28-Apr-2022 11:33 AM Download
BCC CA CPs V1.0.5

This is the version-1.0.5 of BCC-CA CPS. 

02-Mar-2023 01:07 PM Download
BCC eSign User Manual

How to register with QuickPass app and log into QuickSign 

QuickPass (android)

22-May-2023 04:35 PM Download
File Name Details Modified At Download
OLD_RootCA_CA_SUB_CA Certificates_2016 Root CA Certificate 2016
BCC CA Certificate 2016
SUB CA Certificates 2016
26-Aug-2020 12:56 PM Download
Root_BCC_SUB-CA Certificates 2020 Root CA Certificate 2018
BCC CA Certificate 2020
SubCA Certificates 2020
01-Oct-2020 05:24 PM Download
BCC CA Certificate Installer BCC CA Certificate Installer 08-Dec-2021 10:34 AM Download
Root_BCC_SubCA Certificates 2022 Root CA Certificate 2020 BCC CA Certificate 2022 SubCA Certificates 2022 17-Jan-2023 02:53 PM Download
File Name Details Modified At Download
Gemalto Gemalto 23-Sep-2018 04:38 PM Download
Safenet Authentication Client Driver This is a token management software for Safenet cryptographic dongle (etoken 5110).
32bit and 64bit in a single file.
27-Aug-2020 11:02 AM Download